Business model: Starting in 2012 DIWANI supports small scale mining projects. Key focus is on mercury free extraction technologies which include methods gravitational extraction and etc,….. We are increasing the extraction percentage in output and decreasing the cost of production by implementing environment friendly and harmful technology into a new emerging market of Africa.

Full scale training facility is available and operating in Tanzania. By implementing mercury free technology we teach people how to work with this technology to preserve the nature for current and future generations. Our training is performed by highly skilled professionals in field of mining, geology and manufacturing. The goal is to train new specialists, and to increase the level of experience and seniority in current specialists to raise their skills and overall output.

Highly trained and skilled team is key to success.

Project name:  Small Scale Mining Support

Country: Tanzania

Field of activity:

  • Implementation of Mercury Free technology for small scale mining
  • Training new and current specialist
  • Geology and mineralogy
  • Export and Import

Our role in this project

  • Re Organization and structuring of the company
  • Mercury free technology consulting management and implementation
  • Human resources management, including assembly of highly qualified specialists and creating a training center
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Procurement analysis and management
  • Sales consultancy with outsourced export management
  • Financial services including investment services
  • Logistics consultancy


Current project status: (Currently being translated)

For the first quarter of 2016: Restructuring of the company and new business strategy were implemented, all governmental procedures were done and all licenses for fully functioning company were acquired. Company is fully operational with several physical facilities and branches across the Tanzania. Companies head office and training facility are located in strategically important City of Dar es Salaam. Company undergoes full audit each year and all necessary documentation is submitted to governmental authorities.

Geological surveys of different stages were performed across the country. Gold and Copper deposits were the key elements that were searched for. Fully functioning team of professional staff is formed and successfully operating in many of the companies’ field of activities. Our experts in Mercury free gold extraction process are currently performing and implementation of this technology across the country and also train new specialists in this field. Mercury free technology which is being implemented is currently at the stage of pre-launch and testing launch on site. Import and Export procedures are mastered by the logistics team of the company. Procurement operations of the company are fully managed and performing successfully.


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